Anglo-Saxon CSI: Sittingbourne

Archaeological exhibition

As well as the publicly displayed lab there is also an exhibition area showcasing some of the finds uncovered from the site, along with information about the excavation and history of Early Anglo-Saxon Kent.  This has been set up by Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT) and is being run by volunteers from Sittingbourne Heritage Museum.

Anglo-Saxon glass beads recovered from some of the graves

Glass beads, ceramics and other glassware are on display.  Recent additions to the exhibition include replicas of the glass beakers found in grave 184.

Replicas of these glass vessels can be seen in the archaeological exhibition.

The exhibition is opposite the lab in The Forum and is open from 10am-5pm Mondays to Saturdays.  Please have a look around and find out about the site and visit the lab.  ADMISSION FREE!

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Having seen your project on Digging for Britain last night I was very impressed with such a community based idea. Obviously there are risks in working with volunteers on such highly skilled tasks but I could not disagree more with some of the negative comments I read in your ‘visitor book’. I work for the Eastbourne Museum Service and I would really love to come up and see the Lab and the exhibition as these are the sort of community based projects I have been considering for our collection. Though coming at it from a slightly different angle I would be very interested in understanding how you formed your partnerships, procured display/lab space etc and also in just seeing how you feel the project has enhanced archaeology/conservation/museums within your local area.
Do you think a visit in the next few months would be possible? I look forward to hearing from you and well done for undertaking such a groundbreaking project.

All the best

Jonathan Seaman
Museum Officer

Comment by Jonathan Seaman

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