Anglo-Saxon CSI: Sittingbourne

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The Anglo-Saxon CSI lab is incredibly grateful to all those from the local community who have taken time to contribute to making the project a success.  This is a page dedicated to everyone who has been involved in all stages from donating materials, labour, equipment, and time to the project.

Please feel free to leave  comment, or even a suggestion, about the CSI: lab.  We’d love to hear what you think about the project.  Of course, you can leave comments under individual posts on this site too!

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The CSI lab is very impressive and nice to see local people getting involved. this combined with the archaeological exhibition across the Forum is a good ‘package’!

Comment by Marion Green

Keep up the good work! It is very important!

Comment by ethosinterrupted

Keep up the good work! It is very important!

Comment by Harmony A.

thanks for the support and kind comments – the blog will be updated even more soon, hopefully with more pics of objects and some volunteer experiences 🙂 busiest day today on this blog so far too, thanks!

Comment by anglosaxoncsi

Hi, this is truly interesting. Conincidentally, our centre has juct ended an exhibition on conservation and we have proceeded in putting it on line. I would like to ask for your permission to link our site to your and vice-versa.

Robin Liu
Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore

Comment by Heritage Conservation Centre

Hi all,

Leaving a short message to say “hi” and thank-you for creating this project. As a conservators I can say that this is truly an inspiring and fascinating example of the sort of public-conservation projects that you are demonstrating can and do work…. congratulations to you all.

I thought I’d let you know too, that I have plugged your project on my blog…
(also thanks for including my blog in your links).

I wonder if one day we’ll see CSI’s at all community archaeology digs, wouldn’t that be great! 🙂


Comment by dancull

yahooo! a comment!

Thanks for adding a link Dan 🙂

Comment by anglosaxoncsi

Just saw you on tonight’s programme Digging for Britain. I love the idea of what you are doing and think it’s so exciting. I’m from Kent and I’m hoping I have an opportunity to come and visit soon!

Comment by Ella

Facinated by your project. Is it possible to still come and be invioled as a volunteer?

Comment by Lou

hi lou,

If you’re local then come along and find out more in the shop. You can leave your name and contact details there or I’ll pass on yours, or anybody elses, email to be dealt with. There might be a bit of a wait, but you’ll most likely be contacted.

Anyone wishing to volunteer should be able to regularly contribute to the project, at least a few hours each week.

thanks for the interest and if you’ve any more questions just ask 🙂

Comment by anglosaxoncsi

I would like to volunteer,to do some conservation work. Please contact me when you are, going to train some more people.I could stay locally, until trained and then come an a regular basis. I think this is a great idea, as I know how much it costs, and how much needs to be done. Thanks Pete

Comment by Pete Woolf

I’ll put your email address in the box. I’m not too sure when there will be another training session so I am unsure when you will be contacted. Thanks for the interest!

Comment by anglosaxoncsi

This looks fascinating. Is there are prospect of starting up such a project with Wessex Archaeology in my local area, Hampshire?

Comment by David

Hopefully in the future – it all depends on the type of site, funding and lots of other stuff, but hopefully CSI: projects can be successful elsewhere. There might be more details soon…

Thanks for the comment!

Comment by anglosaxoncsi

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