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Digging for Britain (2)
October 27, 2010, 8:50 pm
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This has been mentioned briefly on this blog (…and should have had a bit more coverage at the time!) but CSI: Sittingbourne appeared on the four-part BBC2 series ‘Digging for Britain’ with Dr. Alice Roberts.  It was a really great bit of coverage for the project and hopefully enligtened a few people to whats going on as well.  We certainly had a lot more hits on this site and the lab and exhibition had a lot more visits too.

We’d all like to thank everyone involved in producing the show and providing such good coverage of the project, especially the fact that the lab was a main point of focus for the segment.

If you missed it on the TV then someone has kindly uploaded the full episode (…in six separate parts) onto youtube.  The video is really good quality and is well worth a watch if you didn’t see it the first time round.  I might even show my nan seeing as she fell asleep when it was on the first time… 

A review from the Independent is available here.

–Part 1– –Part 2– –Part 3– –Part 4– –Part 5– –Part 6–


CSI: On kent tv
October 26, 2009, 12:00 pm
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Thanks to Amanda Fisher from Kent TV for producing this brilliant report for CSI:Sittingbourne.  You can see Dana explaining the project and Sylvia talking about the objects that are being worked on.  Click here to see the video.