Anglo-Saxon CSI: Sittingbourne

Happy birthday x-rays!
November 8, 2010, 11:19 pm
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Seeing the Google doodle today I see that x-rays are 115 years old today.  Happy birthday x-rays!

Google doodle celebrating 115 years of x-rays

X-rays can be really useful for conservators working with most any type of material, but particularly archaeological finds, and they have been used extensively during the work in the CSI: lab.  You can read more about the use of x-rays in an earlier post.  This post, however, is a gallery of just some of the x-rays that have been taken for objects in the lab – most are swords.

Sword from grave 158 with copper alloy ring and knife fragment

X-ray of block-lift containing a sword and knife

X-ray of block-lifted sword containing an interestingly detailed silver buckle and pattern welded blade

Middle of a sword from grave 182

Tip of the sword from grave 182


X-ray image of Anglo-Saxon brooches and buckle

Archaeologists are baffled by this x-ray

OK, the last one isn’t one of ours, but it’s pretty cool.

If you want to find out more about x-rays have a look at the links below.

English Heritage Guidelines on the X-radiography of archaeological metalwork

Wikipedia x-rays

Also, kind of related to x-rays and bones (…well bones at least), is Paul Evans’ blog ‘Osteography‘.  I noticed this advertised in the corridor at university and it appears to be quite interesting, so well worth having a look at.  Have a look also at his earlier project, ‘Origin 09‘.

click to enlarge


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