Anglo-Saxon CSI: Sittingbourne

August 18, 2010, 8:35 pm
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The lease for the premises of CSI: Sittingbourne (located in The Forum) has been extended by owners Tesco.  If other funding can be gained then the CSI: lab should be around for at least another 6 months, enough time to complete the other half of the finds from the site.  It also gives all those visitors that haven’t visited this project yet the chance to see for themselves what has been achieved.

CSI: Sittingbourne would like to thank everyone who has been involved or who has visited over the past year.


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Thanks to Tesco for allowing us all to continue, now we need funding too. I think I probably speak for all the volunteers when I say we are grateful for this opportunity of doing some useful work and both learning and improving on the skills we have learned in the lab, as well as being able to use, some of us, our experience from former occupations. We all love working on the artefacts and there is a great team spirit throughout.

Comment by Sylvia Blackwell

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