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May 16, 2010, 11:59 am
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A number of benefits have arisen within the community from the presence of the CSI: lab so far.  UCL student and  conservation intern Natalie Mitchell, has written her masters dissertation about the public reaction and perception of the conservation profession by compiling research with the aid of questionnaires and comments from visitors to the CSI: lab.  Below is a selection of some of the comments, both before and after the project opened.  If you would like to leave your own comment, please do!

“Fantastic idea to do this in a shopping centre”

“We’re from Milton Regis and we are so thrilled and proud that this mass burial site is right on our doorstep! Knowing it is there has given us a new pride and respect for the Meads and we will say a prayer everytime we drive or walk by.  Keep up the good work and keep us posted!”

“I was very impressed with the two exhibits and I’m surprised that such an important archaeological dig has happened in an area so few people outside of the area know about”  Year 9 student

“So important for us to know our history!!  Excellent dedicated work being done here”

“What a fantastic thing to come shopping and to be able to find out what the Sittingbourne area was like in Saxon times and to be so close to the finds.  We need more exhibits like this.   A note to the governement, these projects really need supporting.”

“I think in here is very interesting and my friend kept on looking at this lady examining something!”

“Please give money,  you should be here forever” year 3 student

“I hated history in school but this history is sweet”

“Very interesting we must look after our history as that is why we are heare. We can learn more aout our ancestors.”

“The exhibitition was great fun I would come see it again.”

“This is first rate.  Many more events such as this should be promoted by the local authorities”

“Very interesting, Thank you”

“What a wonderful place!  Shame it is only for 9 months!”

“Absolutley amazing!”

Marion Green (CAT) with one of many school visitors

“Sittingbourne is about to undergo a ‘renaissance’ and a lot of the plans look to dismeiss or do away with its past.  Hopefully this project will remind people what and who lead us to where we are now.  Shame so much of the past is lost to ‘progress’.  Swale council needs to take more of a leading role, not just to allow this to happen.”

“It’s good to see this exhibition and the ongoing work being done.  Thank you.”

“Incredibly interesting, and a gift that is osmething so extrordinary is present in out locality. I would love to learn more and will keep visiting.”

“It’s amazing what has been found on our doorstep.  Good to be able to see it too- this is what we watch on telly or is locked away.”

Metal detectorist – gave advice to our volunteers about how to clean finds “put on bbq or soak in water for 3 months.”  (Not recommended!!!)

“Very interesting to see. As we found different items in our garden from when we did our extension.”

“Very interesting nice to able to see what actually happens to things when they are excavated.  Thank you.”

Another keen school visitor

“I think it is incredibly good work that you  are doing here.  Thank you.” Age 12

“I’m really impressed by this display of public archaeology in both exhibitions and I wish I still lived in Sittingbourne so I could volunteer here.”

“I would like to go over the red line and look closer at what they are doing, fascinating.”

“It was really cool, I’m starting A-level history because of things like this.  I live on the Isle of Sheppey and I think the new academy would be interesed in helping.  This history A-level students in particular.”

“I like this los and los”

“I know this is the most exciting finds in the human race could find out world today. I think it is beautiful to find what we now know of our ancestors.”

“Very interesting!  Its nice to see some great results from a historical dig so locally.  Give more funding.”

Volunteers hard at work cleaning some of the finds

“What you are doing is fantastic I absolutely love it.  Keep up.” Age 12

“I found this very interesting- I would never of gone to a museum to see this sort of thing- very intreguing be nice if it stayed.  Thank you.”

“Very interesting…I will look forward to more stuff.”

“Fascinating exhibition and lovely to see your experts at work.  Good luck in finding a permanent site for an exhibition of all your work.”

“ I come in  c. 3X per week to see how, objects like the block lifts are progressing”

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