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anglo-saxon open day
December 28, 2009, 11:50 am
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CSI: Sittingbourne hosted an Anglo-Saxon open day on Saturday 5th December 2009 in The Forum shopping centre.  This gave the public a greater opportunity to speak to conservators working in the lab and also to ask archaeologists any questions that they had about the excavation.

Tanya Wilson discusses the exhibition with visitor Michael Arvidson

Over 200 people attended demonstrations of wood-working from Damian Goodburn (Museum of London), along with weaving and metal-working were given to local residents of Sittingbourne, both young and more “mature”. Archaeologists from Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT) were also on hand to answer questions and show some of the finds to interested and eager visitors.

Demonstrations of Anglo-Saxon techniques

Damian Goodburn provided demonstrations of ancient woodworking techniques

More demonstration of Anglo-Saxon crafts

CAT “Little Digs” gave children aged from 7-11 years a chance to try their hand at archaeology, and CAT KIT  toolboxes gave them the opportunity to handle archaeological objects.

CAT little digs give people the opportunity to find out more about the process of archaeology

The conservation lab, as usual, was on display and the public could ask any questions regarding the processes used.

Conservation volunteer Emma working on an excavated object

The open day received local press interest and was featured in the Sittingbourne Messenger, who have kindly allowed us to add some of their images to this page.  CAT have also kindly allowed permission for further images on this page to be used.

CSI: Sittingbourne would like to thank all those involved in making the day a success, whether they be local residents or professionals, and for their continued support of the project.  Remember to leave a comment!

Thanks to the Kent Messenger Group and The Sittingbourne Messenger for allowing for some of the images to be used.

Other images have been provided by Canterbury Archaeological Trust: Images ©Canterbury Archaeological Trust

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